Original name in latin Pingshi
Name in other language P'ing-shih, P'ing-shih-hsu, Pingshek, Pingshi, Pingshi Zhen, P’ing-shih, P’ing-shih-hs ping shi, ping shi zhen
State code CN
Continent/City Asia/Shanghai
longitude 25.28492
latitude 113.0598
altitude 249
Population 0
Date 2012-06-05
Original name in latin Pingshi
Name in other language Pingshi, Pingshi Jiedao, ping shi, ping shi jie dao
State code CN
Continent/City Asia/Chongqing
longitude 22.20211
latitude 112.32366
altitude 24
Population 0
Date 2012-06-06

Cities with a population over 1000 database. 2013.

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