Original name in latin Yueyang
Name in other language An-tse, An-tse-ch'eng, An-tse-ch’eng, An-tse-hsien, Chiu-an-tse, Gu Xian, Guxian, Ku-hsien, Yueh-yang, Yueh-yang-chen, Yueyang, Yueyang Zhen, Yeh-yang, Yeh-yang-chen, gu xian, yue yang, yue yang zhen
State code CN
Continent/City Asia/Shanghai
longitude 36.2896
latitude 111.91454
altitude 865
Population 0
Date 2012-01-18
Original name in latin Yueyang
Name in other language Juee-jang, Juehjan, Juejang, Je-jang, Ngok-yong-su, Ngok-yng-s Nhac Duong, Nhc Dng, weyang si, yue yang shi, Юэян
State code CN
Continent/City Asia/Shanghai
longitude 29.33333
latitude 113.09194
altitude 39
Population 5000000
Date 2010-07-11
Original name in latin Yueyang
Name in other language Yueyang, Yueyang Jiedao, yue yang, yue yang jie dao
State code CN
Continent/City Asia/Shanghai
longitude 31.00983
latitude 121.215
altitude 7
Population 0
Date 2012-01-21

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