Bandar-e Ganaveh

Bandar-e Ganaveh
Original name in latin Bandar-e Ganveh
Name in other language Bandar-e Ganaveh, Bandar-e Ganveh, Bandar-e Genaveh, Bandar-e Genveh, Bandar-e-Gonaveh, Bandar-e-Gonveh, Ganaveh, Ganveh, Genaveh, Genveh, Gonaveh, Gonveh, Kenareh, Kenreh, bandari ginawih, bndri gnawh, ganawih, ginawih, gunawih
State code IR
Continent/City Asia/Tehran
longitude 29.5791
latitude 50.517
altitude 8
Population 52750
Date 2012-01-17

Cities with a population over 1000 database. 2013.

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